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The internet has become perhaps the most vital business marketing strategy in this modern world. As a result, most business websites compete among themselves to boost their online presence. Since larger businesses have the resources to spend considerably on SEO services, they tend to earn more profit. On the other hand, it is very difficult for a small or newly formed business to avail the services of good SEO Company like us.

Often the smaller players hire SEO companies with lesser charges or those who work via freelancers. The fees of such companies are so low that they hardly bring any results to benefit the business of the clients. This can turn out to be very damaging for a business in the long run because they will not be able to use Search Engine Optimization for their advantage despite spending time and some money. Using freelancers can prove to be equally futile as most of the time they are not experienced or skilled enough to fulfill the client's needs.

The team at Chennai SEO Company works hard to deliver you the best possible SEO services that you can think of. It also comes at relatively low cost, but has assured quality and gives your business the best solutions. Just because our costs are lower than others do not mean that there is any compromise in quality. Our basic strategy is designed to reduce costs to the minimum. All members of our expert team are locally based in Chennai, India, thus reducing the costs of outsourcing significantly. This reduction automatically reflects on the overall cost.

In the end, it is the client who has benefited from our effective SEO services. It is equal to any big name SEO establishment in terms of quality, but not in terms of cost.

Low Costs Good Quality

It is a matter of pride of Our SEO Company in Chennai to give clients the best possible services at an economical price. Without quality services the prospect of your business can get affected. Our team is always ready to deliver services of exemplary quality at affordable charges.


There is a common belief that only online tools are needed to provide the required SEO service. But the truth is human skill is equally important. Actions like creating messages, linking them to information to make them search engine friendly, choosing proper links, etc., all require the humane touch to yield any level of success.

Our team at SEO Company Chennai is just as important as the clients because human skills are almost priceless. Our team is greatly valued and that translates into salaries that are among the highest in the industry. We take pride in announcing that our expert team members are among the best paid and talented in the industry. Naturally this has an effect on the kind of result you get from our services. Once a client signs with our company, he will be assured of getting the best available service in the industry.



  • Give results that is more than the client expected,
  • Always give effort to excel in all provided services,
  • In each project the company is involved with, business ethics are maintained,
  • Build a strong group comprising clients, business associates and team members,
  • Deliver quality service to create an international standard work environment,
  • All our partners are part of the team and part of the company.

Code for Ethical SEO

  • We always look to bring profits to the clients that are long term in nature. No quick gains.
  • Our professionals are always looking for ways to improve skills and stay updated with the happenings in the market.
  • We focus on end users instead of only focusing on the search engines.
  • Never practice black hat SEO even if it is wanted by clients.
  • Determine pricing based on quality of work and the effort involved in it.
  • Never do anything that will damage reputation of company or the client.


Our company in Chennai aims to deliver quality SEO services to smaller businesses. As a SEO Company, we offer the most advanced Search Engine Optimization solutions so that a client can have a substantial position online. We make sure that the search engines work in their favor by doing the following:

  • Providing practical and in-depth Search Engine Optimization solutions that help to form a proper marketing plan to claim the required result.
  • Get in touch with the best talents in the field and work in tandem to cater to requirements of a client. It also mutually increases the expertise of the domain.
  • Work extensively and closely with a client so that an optimal solution is reached to fulfill all needs.
  • Put the interest and demand of the client, ahead of any business profit at all times. Small gains cannot be a substitute to larger gains that are achieved with integrity in the service provided.

our team

Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Sathishkumar Varatharajan - CEO

Sathishkumar Varatharajan has extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing. He launched this company in an effort to help the businesses to achieve their goals in a cost effective way. He also owns a large number of successful online businesses in various industries. As the Chief Executive Officer of this company, it is his duty to create and maintain all the online marketing strategies for the clients.

Sathishkumar holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Anna University.