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Recovery Services For Google Penguin And Panda Updates

If anyone is experiencing severe traffic loss at one's own site due to Google algorithm updates of Penguin or Panda, then we can provide the right way to bring your lost business again on running. We have a team of experts who will assist in revamping links and thereby eliminate the low quality links and other contents which are duplicated or thin in nature. We also educate you about the techniques to be followed for navigation that will improve the rankings of the website.

Reasons For Sites Getting Affected By Google Penguin or Panda:

  • Low quality content which is irrelevant and mostly duplicate.
  • Low quality back links that often divert to irrelevant linking.
  • Absence of an interface that is user-friendly and proper means for navigation.
  • Google index containing pages which are unnecessary.
  • Deficiency in SEO Pattern.
  • Following Black Hat Search Engine Optimization.

The strategy we follow in tackling with the issues of Google Panda or Penguin updates is quite simple in nature. Initially we launch a research program on the troubled site like visitors, bounce rate, back links, URL parameter, broken links, off page factors and other navigation issues, which will give us enough data for preparing the recovery strategies.

With a sudden drop in traffic of any site due to a penalty imposed by Google, warnings issued for using links that are unnatural can be really bothering to you and is quite capable to hamper your business. We are equipped with the experience and knowledge to bring back the lost glory to your site and thereby making you profitable once again.

Generally the warnings are issued manually by the Web spam people by Google. The process of recovery can be initiated easily, but it needs effort, time and finally the knowledge of the fundamentals. The links which have become unnatural needs to be separated, the low quality content must be eliminated and the work progress needs to be reported on a continuous basis to Google in order to check the penalty issue.

For Google algorithm updates penalty removal, there are several packages being offered by us:

Recovery For Panda:

The quality of the site plays a major role in the Google Panda algorithm. If your site contains low quality duplicated content, then it is most likely that it will get affected. We at Chennai SEO Company can help in identifying the problem within your website which is affected by Panda and thereby take the necessary steps for recovery.

Recovery For Penguin:

The recovery issue for Penguin mainly deals with the backlinks. Generally sites which contain poor quality links in their link profile generally get affected with the Penguin update from Google. The webmasters find it hard to identify the backlinks which are of low quality. The process of recovery consists of all bad links deletion or sometimes making changes to them so that the new links can be formed and thereby the problem can be addressed. Google has a specific tool named disavow built specifically for this purpose and can assist in speedy recovery.

In our company, we specialize in providing recovery aid for penalty issues raised by Google and that is being done in two steps:

  • The very first step involves identification of the problematic places and thereby troubleshooting them.
  • The second step involves Google reconsideration in the forms of reports and conducting authentication as a part of update procedure for Penguin and Google Panda.

Our team of professionals is capable of working on several issues of client's website problems and uses their knowledge and skills for getting rid of the problems in different areas like spam content, black hat and finally problem due to links of low quality.

The Google penalty eradication steps at initial phase consist of the following:

  • Separating and thereby removing the issues related to black hat.
  • Deleting the links of low quality.
  • Removing spam.
  • Separating problems like over optimization, effect of cupcake and others due to update problems of Google penguin.
  • Removing low quality content to be at par the quality levels of Panda algorithm.
  • Identifying violations.

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