Privacy Policy

Chennai SEO Company is committed to remaining as open and honest as possible with all aspects of our data collection processes and policies. In order to offer the best possible service for every customer and website visitor, we collect and store certain data automatically.

This privacy policy outlines our approach to privacy protection and the collection/usage of personal data. Please read the document in full and ensure you are willing and able to comply with all terms set out. If anything is unclearly or you cannot comply with the terms in this document, you are forbidden from accessing the Chennai SEO Company website or the services offered by the company.

We may review or add to this privacy policy on occasion and without notice – please consult the document in full from time to time, in order to ensure your ongoing compliance.

What Data Do We Collect?

Chennai SEO Company collects and stores the personal information of customers for security and quality-control purposes. Examples of the data we collect include but are not limited to your IP address, your location, your chosen operating system, the date and time of your visit, your language preferences, pages accessed during your visit, web browser used, device type and so on.

All such information is used strictly for our own quality improvement purposes and we will never sell or distribute your data to third-parties. The only exception being when instructed to do so by a law enforcement agency, otherwise your data is held in the strictest confidence.

What Do We Do with The Data We Collect?

For the most part, the data we collect is stored in our secure servers, which may only be accessed by authorised individuals who need to access your information to offer the requested services. Your information may be used to help Chennai SEO Company provide you with information regarding services, promotions and exclusive offers of interest to you.

We also hold personal data to be used for security purposes as and when required. We take a strong stance against fraudulent and illegal activities in general and will seek the full prosecution of those who use our website or services for an illicit purpose.

Under no circumstances will Chennai SEO Company sell or distribute your private information to third-parties for marketing and promotional purposes. Any communications and marketing materials you receive will come directly from us.

Links To Other Sites

Please be aware that the links we provide to other websites in no way represent direct recommendations from Chennai SEO Company. Upon clicking any of the third-party links on our website, the privacy policy and all terms and conditions published by the third-party immediately apply. It’s the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are willing and able to comply with all such conditions as laid out by the respective third-party.

Chennai SEO Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any negative consequences that may arise due to the customer’s use of the links provided on our website. Those who use our links to access other sites and services do so entirely at their own risk.

Removal and Correction of Information

If you believe that any of the information we hold about you is either inaccurate or incomplete, please contact a member of the team at Chennai SEO Company to make the necessary corrections. Or if you’d like to request the removal of your private information from our database, simply get in touch by email and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

We may request formal proof of your identity however for security purposes, so please ensure you’re able to provide a copy of your passport, official ID or driving license.